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Kat Blaque Schools us On MLK, Moderates, and Taking Action

There are so many that love to quote Martin Luther King to encourage what they call "peace and unity",...

By Ariane / January 20, 2017

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These Cowgirls of Color are In It to Win It and are Inspiring Girls to Dare to Be Different

Typically the rodeo is a white male dominated sport, but little by little this is changing. This includes...

By Ariane / December 9, 2016

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Daughters of the Dust, First Feature Film directed by an African American Woman Distributed Theatrically is Back

Daughters of the Dust directed by Julie Dash is back in theaters in celebration of its 25th anniversary....

By Ariane / December 8, 2016

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Hidden Figures Release Inspires Feature of 4 Women of Color in STEM

Inspired by the release of the film "Hidden Figures", IBM and Vanity Fair partnered up to feature 8 diverse...

By Ariane / December 7, 2016

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Inspired By: Bene Viera, Journalist Who Shares the Black Woman's Voice

Bene Viera is the woman behind some of the most awesome magazine cover stories featuring black girl magic....

By Ariane / December 5, 2016

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This Woman Shares Black Contemporary Art With the World

Kimberly Drew is a taste-maker in the art world who has been exposing Afro art with her blog "Black Contemporary...

By Ariane / December 4, 2016